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Lingayen® Agri-Food Supply sauces are made of premium quality shrimp and fish. Crafting our Lingayen® Shrimp Fry, Lingayen® Anchovy Paste and Lingayen® Fish Sauce, requires a combination of uniquely blended Philippine seasonings.

Our Fish Sauce is created from an assortment of fresh fish that is fermented and seasoned with Philippine sea salt. This process will occur for a minimum duration of 6 months in order to ensure premium quality and flavorful taste. During the fermentation process, a thin layer of clear, straw yellow to amber colored liquid develops as a by-product in the manufacturing of Lingayen® Bagoong.

The liquid is then extracted and to make Lingayen® Patis while the remaining fermented fish is then used to form our Lingayen® Shrimp Fry and/or Lingayen® Anchovy Paste.

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